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Modern Sapphire Valley began in 1954 when Mr. Gene Howerdd, Sr., a founder of Georgia Pacific, retired to the area and wanted to create a golfing community where friends good enjoy the cooler mountain weather. The Sapphire Valley Inn and Country was created. Today the club is known as the Country Club of Sapphire Valley and the Fairfield Inn was razed in 1986.

History of the Valley dates back several hundred years if not thousands with early Indians occupying the area. Arrowheads and/or spearpoints (fluted point) have been found in this area dating back 12,000 years.

Sapphire Valley’s own Historic Stone Basin  shows evidence of archeoastronomy practiced by ancient residents.

For more on the history of Sapphire Valley, visit: https://historyofsapphirevalley.org/   For more information on the ‘The Archaeology of Early North Carolina’, view this page: https://www.ncpedia.org/history/early/archaeology

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